atom by atom


The ATOPLOT project is a consortium of European companies and R&D organizations aiming to develop a novel, smart and cost-efficient atomically precise advanced manufacturing technology for micro and optoelectronics fabrication, such as MEMS & Sensors, RF devices, photonic/optics and many more with design flexibility and material versatility on previously impossible surfaces.

Rapid advanced materials development and prototyping /manufacturing of microelectronics with the ATLANT 3D NanofabricatorTM will allow Selective Area Direct Atomic Layer Processing with various materials with atomic precision. Within ATOPLOT project, we aim to demonstrate the first industrial implementation of the equipment, the Nanofabricator, and printing of simple and complex functional devices and geometries with various material compositions. NanofabricatorTM is expected to become on-demand rapid processing high precision unit for micro and nanofabrication, that will open unprecedented possibilities for prototyping/manufacturing of micro-/nanodevices for various applications and accelerating technological and commercial innovation in various industries.

Demonstration of functional devices such as temperature sensor, pressure sensor and capacitive position sensor.



EU funding

About the technology

ATOPLOT project and consortium relies on ATLANT3DTM Technology that consists of three proven state of the art technologies: atomic layer processing, microtechnology, and high precision advanced mechatronics. This technology is a key enabling technology for emerging application with a goal to rapidly accelerate material and micro and optoelectronics development, prototyping and manufacturing at a fraction of the current cost with previously impossible geometries and functionalities.

The ATOPLOT project relies on the initial prototype developed by ATLANT 3D Nanosystems, a Danish deep tech company, and its state of the art patent pending ATLANT3DTM Technology and SADALP™ (Selective Area Direct Atomic Layer Processing/Printing)  technological process.

The NanofabricatorTM  is an advanced manufacturing system that allows highly conformal, low-temperature, atomically precise and material versatility direct material patterning.